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I take great pride in going against the status quo from what you’d get with a large agency. Through genuine connection and getting to work one-on-one with clients, we can build something truly authentic, invigorating, and soul-filling. 

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Strategic branding has always been deeply ingrained in our process, but what exactly do we mean by ‘strategic brands’?

It means creating a brand that has the ability to foster an authentic connection without uttering a single word. By using thoughtful strategy, we'll build a brand that allows you to connect with your dream audience on a human level.

In a world full of bots and AI technology, it's never been more important than now to put the heart and intention back into your branding.

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Making connections

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Hana is a freelance copywriter who crafts scroll-worthy website copy. She quickly discovered she wasn’t made for the corporate world after becoming the lead marketing coordinator at a fashion company. Instead, she found she felt most fulfilled when helping heart-forward entrepreneurs make a positive difference with their talents.

She’s also a passionate, creative, and collaborative soul who thrives in challenging environments. Her dearest held belief is that we’re all capable of greatness — so long as we support and encourage one another. She firmly believes peanut butter should never be wasted. Ever.

Self-proclaimed vegan chef extraordinaire

Partner of Half Pint Design |

Hana Bee

After spending 12 years as an accountant and several years as an Air Force finance officer, Ashlie went from a full-on corporate employee to a full-time entrepreneur and website designer. She enjoys spending time with her husband Garrett of 18 years, her two daughters, and their Aussie pups.

When she’s not nose-deep in a design project, you can find her sipping a margarita (shaken, rim with salt, if you’re curious), catching up on her favorite TV shows, playing video games, or scoping out the swankiest restaurants (with vegan options) in town with Garrett. 

Margarita Connoisseur

Founder & Lead Showit Website Designer at Wolf & Willow |

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Ashlie Thompson


Fancy seeing you here! I’m AK, founder and lead brand designer & strategist for Half Pint. My story begins in the ‘90s. When I was a little girl, I was constantly drawing, painting, scrapbooking, or writing. I’ve always had a need for creativity and grew up hoping that I’d find a way to turn that into my life’s work.

Here we are, decades later, and ‘look ma! I made it!’

Really though, this is why I love working with business owners with a passion for what they do, because more often than not, their whole life was leading up to their business — their moment — even when they didn’t realize it. I believe wholeheartedly that my clients will change the world with their passions, creativity, and perspectives. 

So while, yes, my goal was to turn art and creativity into my life’s work, it turned into much more than that. It’s my mission to help business owners step confidently into this world with a brand that will take them far beyond what they could have even imagined. I promise you, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader along the way.

Founder of Half Pint Design

AK Simmons

Meet team Half Pint!

I had a professor in college who became an influential figure in my life. He taught me self-confidence and taught our class how to enter the real working world. He was also known for giving all his students nicknames, and being 5’3”, he naturally gave me the nickname ‘half pint’. (Where are my fellow shorties at?) 

I’m also all for the idea that the size of your business doesn’t have to determine the size of the impact you make on the world. With Half Pint, we're here to encourage all entrepreneurs to think as big as they want and achieve the goals of their wildest dreams.

Why half pint?

i love my

My two children dogs, Piper and Crosby. *Pulls out accordion wallet of pictures.*

my jam is

Holidays. I’ll find any excuse to have a party — especially Halloween.

I love to collect

Vintage books, knick-knacks, rugs and art from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s.

my first love is

Singing and songwriting

my kryptonite is

Estate sales. Hands down.

can't live without

Dessert! A large portion of my life is spent thinking about gummy worms & chocolate chip cookies.

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Fun facts about me

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um, hello new best friend!

um, hello new best friend!

um, hello new best friend!

um, hello new best friend!

um, hello new best friend!

um, hello new best friend!

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